A day in Tokyo

In September 2004, Frederic Rossille has made a concert at the Maison Franco-Japonaise of Tokyo in the scope of the international colloquium "Marguerite Yourcenar et l'Univers Poétique". Some of the pieces interpreted during this concert are the subject of his new album entitled "A day in Tokyo".

Revive this exceptional concert and the so distinctive atmosphere of the city of Tokyo :
the concert at the Maison Franco-Japonaise
the Tokyo photo album


[record's jacket] Discover the compact-disc "A day in Tokyo" :
the album's presentation
listen to audio files
the review of Agnes Jourdain in Piano Bleu


[portrait] Meet Frederic Rossille :
his profil
his records and publications
his travel diary in Japan
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A special editing of the album "A Day In Tokyo" has been joined to the bulletin # 25 of the Société Internationale d'Etudes Yourcenariennes (December 2004)

"A Day In Tokyo" is distributed by Rêves Magiques and Musea Records (collection "Electronic / Ambient - Dreaming")
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