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Chronology (1)

[this is my photography] [this is my portrait] At the age of eleven, Frederic Rossille has his first great musical revelation with the listening to Mozart's 'Little night music'. Later, a telefilm devoted to Vangelis ('L'arbre de vie' 1978) and a documentary about the japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto ('Tokyo Melody' 1984) will confirm his vocation in opening for him a field of new possibilities. In the mid seventies, his musical interests ranged from pop music to contemporary musical research and he wrotes his first electroacoustic pieces for the radio. Afterwards, he taked part in researches concerning music cognition, he improved his piano playing and followed the training course of composer Antoine Duhamel. This last one will be a determining influence on him. In the early eighties, Frederic Rossille discovers new musical landscapes. Asian musics will become his adoptive cultural roots and will originate fruitful encounters. Follower of new technologies, Frederic Rossille will progressively integrate them into his interests in 'world music' beside the exploration of the virtual orchestra concept. At the same time, he will improve himself in INA-GRM and IRCAM (Paris).
His unceasing quest of magic, dream, strangeness. will lead him to conceive a music that stands beyond borders between various musical kinds. His 1993's album 'On the Magic Hill' is the result of a genuine eurasian transculturality that precisely tends to push back these frontiers. His musical conceptions and realisations have naturally bring Frederic Rossille to take part in many radio broadcasts, especially in Asian countries...

Scientific studies in Lyon. He takes part in researches in neuropsychology.

Musical studies in National Music School of Villeurbanne, Normal Music School Alfred Cortot of Paris and National Music School of Fresnes. Among his masters: Antoine Duhamel (composition and film music), Jean-Jacques Werner (conducting), Olivier Dejours (analysis), Sergueï Kouznetsov (interpretation), Diégo Sanchez (piano).
Among various participations and training courses:
-Professional meetings 'Musique en cinema' (Besançon - November 1987)
-'Rencontres Europeennes Cinema/Son' - R.E.X. (Nice-Acropolis - April 1988)
-Training courses in film sound mixing:
-with Paul Bertault at Auditel (Paris): mixing of the teleplay 'Une femme tranquille' with Marie-Christine Barrault, produced by Joyce Bunuel and supervised by Jacques Deray (January 1989).
-with William Flageollet at Philippe Sarde studio (Paris): mixing of a documentary by Chris Marker (1989).
-at 'studio de la Place Clichy' (Paris): sound effects for a film produced by Etien Kapon (1989).
-Training courses in television at TeleEurope (Georges Guiraud and Alain Montrobert) and FR3 Oceaniques (Pierre-Andre Boutang and Dominique Rabourdin): TV sets, TV reports, sound recording in classical music, shooting of video clips, video postproduction (1989).

Composed the soundtrack for the short film 'Bebe vision' produced by two INSERM researchers : Mr Rougier and Mr Vital-Durand.

Composed a four melodies cycle for piano with one orchestrated by the conductor Olivier Dejours.

Composed the music for 'Cantate d'Antinous', theatrical adaptation of Marguerite Yourcenar 'Memoires d'Hadrien' by the producer Eric Podor.
Teaching composition, analysis and musicology in Pantheon-Sorbonne University.

Composed the soundtrack for the short film 'Banque de France' produced by Alain Monrobert.
Composed the music for the theatrical piece 'L'Akteon' written and produced by R. Barbier.

Adaptation of Richard Addinsell's 'Warsaw concerto' for the french championship (La Roche-sur-Yon) and the world championship (Seoul) of junior figure skating (published by EMI Music Publishing).
Broadcasts on Nanjing Popular Radio and Radio China International (Concert du week-end program).
Participant in the INA-GRM research seminar, since 1992.
Follow the course of Pierre Boulez at the College de France: Invention, technique et langage en musique - Le concept de l'ecriture II.

Released of the album 'Sur la Colline Magique' (Rêves Magiques CD 001 - MainStreetCD distribution).
Regular observer at the International Rostrum of Composers in UNESCO, since May 1993.
Individual research grant from the Culture and French-speaking communities Ministry for a work about music perception.
Broadcast on Radio France International (China program).
Paper publication:
'Quelles musiques pour demain?', in Phreatique, langage et creation, Le chant des champs, n°67, Paris, 1993, 60-70.

Lecture about time perception, in Paris Astrophysic Institute, within the scope of the Kronos Group (paper not published).
Lecture about auditory perception, in La Pitie-Salpetriere Language Center.
Lecture about time representations in acousmatic musics, in INA-GRM research seminar (internal paper publication).
Lecture about new musical technologies and mental imagery, in the Fourth International Congress on Musical Meaning in Sorbonne (paper publication).
Composed and produced musics for three TV advertisements.
Composed 'Rêverie Asiatique': a piece for piano and percussions commissioned for the Panorama-Oeuvres contemporaines collection, published by G. Billaudot Publishing.
Opening of the series of contemporary music concerts at the Brasilia University with the piece 'Meditation'.
Subject of the documentary 'De la puce à l'oreille' produced by Marie Grezes and Serge Bakchine.
Paper publication:
'Creer la creativite', in Management et conjoncture sociale, n°428, Paris, 1994, 22-24.
France Culture: 'Music and neurosciences' in program La science et les hommes - Artistes et scientifiques. By R. Scheps and M. Lachièze-Rey, with Dr S. Bakchine. Realization: M. Mezgach.
Aligre FM Paris: four broadcasts in 'Epectase, les sciences au pastel' by Ilke-Angela Maréchal :
-Virtual worlds.
-Music and neurosciences.
-From ethnic to contemporary musics.
-Musical new technologies.
Becomes member of the 'Groupe des Plasticiens'.
Participant in the First Transdisciplinary Meeting in UNESCO (International Center of Transdisciplinary Researches and Studies).

Interviews of Jorge Antunes, Iannis Xenakis and Denis Dupays for a film about the Antunes' work 'Rimbaudiannisia'.
Report about music perception to the Music and Dance Direction.
Cofounder of the Exchange Association between Europe and Asia.

Broadcasts on Aligre FM Paris ('Epectase' program):
-Jean-Jacques Werner, un musicien a l'oeuvre [listen to the broadcast]
-Yvaral, un plasticien a l'oeuvre [listen to the broadcast]
Subject of a TV newsflash 'Music on the World Wide Web', produced by Hubert Hayaud (ESRA).
Opening of the Site Frederic Rossille (November 12 1996) which was achieved in Paris-Meudon observatory and Paris.

Acoustic concerts at Forum des Halles (Paris) and Ecole Nationale de Musique de Fresnes (France).
Released of the album 'Three Pieces for Trio', for acoustic trio: piano, violin, cello (Rêves Magiques CD 002 - 1998).
'Nouvelles technologies musicales et imageries mentales', in Les Universaux en musique (under the direction of Costin Miereanu and Xavier Hascher, Actes du 4eme Congres international sur la signification musicale), Paris, Publications de la Sorbonne, p.465-472.
'Message de l'Archipel' (trio for piano violin cello with adaptations for duos), Editions Vincent Massot, France.
Member of the group Perception et cognition auditives (PECA).

Acoustic concerts at Finnish Institute of Paris and at Forum des Halles (Paris).
Member of the editorial board of the international review of architecture 'Le Carre Bleu' since June 1999.
Publication of the score for piano 'The Architect', International Review of Architecture 'Le Carre Bleu' # 1/99.
Structural analysis of the score 'The Last Emperor' by Ryuichi Sakamoto (concert version for acoustic trio) within the framework of a film music training course that he conducts in Roma on August 1999.

Secretary-General of the PSA Research Group (Plasticity-Sciences-Arts Group).
Scores and recordings referenced at the CDMC (Centre de Documentation de la Musique Contemporaine - Paris).
Released of the album 'Villa Adriana' (Rêves Magiques CD 003 - Musea Records distribution).
Concert-conference 'Trio classique - Emotion et musique' in Cite Internationale des Arts (Paris - June 29 2000).
Creation of Villa Adriana by the EAR ensemble of the Hungarian radio during the ISMEAM 2000 festival organized by Istvan Szigeti and Igor Lintz-Maues at 'Nadasdy var' castle (Sarvar, Hungary).

Essay: 'La musique de nos émotions' in F. Russo-Marie and F. Rossille, Emotion et musique, EDK publishing, Paris, 2001, 65-116.
Author and coeditor with Françoise Russo-Marie of the book 'Emotion et musique', EDK publishing, Paris, April 2001.
Released of the album 'Geometrical Games' (Rêves Magiques CD 004 - May 2001). This album is the volume #1 of a new collection: the Private Collection.
Released of the single 'D'un Monde Lointain... A tribute to Witold Lutoslawski' (Rêves Magiques CD 005 - June 2001). Limited edition for the IRC 2001.
Special edition of the piece 'D'un Monde Lointain... A tribute to Witold Lutoslawski' for the 'Ought-One Festival' organized by Kalvos & Damian in Montpelier, Vermont, August 25-26 2001 (Malted Media Special Edition malt 0110-2).
Limited edition of the piece 'The Architect' (piano solo version) for a special issue of the international review of architecture 'Le Carre Bleu' (Rêves Magiques CD 006 - September 2001). This music has been written for the fortieth anniversary of the review. The score has been published in the issue # 1/99.
Member of the Société Internationale d'Etudes Yourcenariennes.

Special edition of the piece 'Theme d'Hadrien' (trio version for piano, violin, cello) for the annual bulletin of the Societe Internationale des Etudes Yourcenariennes (Rêves Magiques CD 007 - January 2002). This music has been inspired by Memoires d'Hadrien written by Marguerite Yourcenar.

In charge of mission for the Music Group of the Syndicat National des Auteurs et des Compositeurs (Paris, January 2003 - February 2004).
Production of the 'Thème d'Hadrien' by the Trio Artis during the international colloquium 'Marguerite Yourcenar - Citoyenne du monde', Cluj-Napoca (Romania, May 2003). With Daniela Teoc (violin), Mihai Barbul (cello), Tiberiu Herdlicska (piano).
Writing of the book 'Le memento des aides aux compositeurs' published by the Snac.

The Tokyo concert : a concert-tribute to Marguerite Yourcenar in the scope of the international colloquium 'Marguerite Yourcenar et l'Univers Poétique' (Maison Franco-Japonaise of Tokyo - September 11 2004).
Publication of the book 'Le mémento des aides aux compositeurs', published by the Snac (September 2004).
Released of the album 'A day in Tokyo' (Rêves Magiques CD 008 - December 2004).

Special editing of the compact-disc 'A day in Tokyo' for the annual bulletin of the Société Internationale d'Etudes Yourcenariennes (# 25 - January 2005).
TV broadcasting of the film by Carlos Del Pino intitled 'Maestro Jorge Antunes : polêmica e modernidade' (Brazil - December 2005). This film presents interviews of Jorge Antunès and Iannis Xénakis chaired by Frédéric Rossille.
Released of the single 'Dream of Nicopolis' in limited edition (Rêves Magiques CD 009 - December 2005).

Elected representative for the Music Group of the Syndicat National des Auteurs et des Compositeurs (Paris, May 2006).
Official contributor to the new international paper of architecture Le Carré Bleu.
Concert-projection and conference for the celebration of the Centenary of the birth of Victor Vasarely (Cite de la Musique de Marseille - November 9 2006).
Romanian creation of 'Message de l'Archipel' by Elena Cioflan (violin) and Alexandra Cont (piano), Université Nationale de Musique de Bucarest, under the direction of Dr Serban Nichifor, December 15 2006.

'Musicalité de l'oeuvre plastique de Victor Vasarely' (February 2007, paper published in the online journal Plastir #6, the online journal Cosmopolis #1, the international architecture journal 'Le Carré Bleu' # 2/2007).
Performance of 'Prélude in si b minor' ('Voyage à Paris') by Dragan Babic (Croazia) during the concert 'Fantasia del Viaggiatore' (musics by Debussy, Glinka, Poulenc, Puccini, Rossille, Verdi), at Museo Civico delle Carrozze d'Epoca, Codroipo (San Martino), under the aegis of UNESCO, August 28 2007.
Released of the compact-disc 'Secret Garden' (Rêves Magiques CD 010 - December 2007).

Digital release of the album 'Secret Garden' (Believe Digital - April 2008).
Digital releases of the albums 'Sur la Colline Magique', 'Geometrical Games', 'Villa Adriana', 'A Day in Tokyo' (Believe Digital - June 2008).
'Hommage à Victor Vasarely' : digital slide show presenting 32 colour and black & white works of the master of optical art, on the music 'Ondho 1960' taken from the album 'Secret Garden' (Rêves Magiques CDV 011- November 2008).
Presentation of the digital slide show 'Hommage à Victor Vasarely' for the fiftieth anniversary of the international review of architecture 'Le Carré Bleu' (Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine, Palais de Chaillot, Paris, December 8 2008).

Released of the album 'Ocean Song' (Rêves Magiques CD 012 - April 2009).
Limited edition of the compilation album 'Les Aventures de Lili' (Rêves Magiques CD 013 - October 2009).
Musicologic analysis of the piece for trio 'Message de l'Archipel', by Alexa Milea and Alexandra Cont in their Ph. D. thesis 'Hypostases pianistiques dans la musique de chambre néo-consonante' (Master level), attended in January 2010 at Université Nationale de Musique de Bucarest under the direction of Prof Dr Serban Nichifor.

A tribute to Witold Lutoslawski in 'Tangente' Review (Paris - March 2010).
Diffusion of the digital slide show 'A tribute to Victor Vasarely' in the scope of the exhibition "Science & Art, deux mondes à part ?" at the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin - March 19-30 2010.
Diffusion of the digital slide show 'A tribute to Victor Vasarely' in the scope of the 10th "Salon de la Culture et des Jeux Mathématiques" in Paris, place Saint Sulpice - May 27-30 2010.

Musicalité de l'oeuvre plastique de Victor Vasarely (2011). lecture at 'Musique et Arts Plastiques' seminar, 'Observatoire Musical Français', Université Paris IV Sorbonne (Paris - June 18 2011).

Yvaral, mathématicien, musicien, plasticien. Première partie : sa vie, son oeuvre. Lecture at 'Musique et Arts Plastiques' seminar, 'Observatoire Musical Français', Université Paris IV Sorbonne (Paris - May 12 2012).
Concert recital for piano - 'Hommage à Victor Vasarely', at Club des Mécènes of Musée en Herbe (Paris - June 6 2012).

Released of the album 'Kokoro' (Rêves Magiques CD 015 - March 11 2013).
Yvaral et la musique minimaliste. Lecture at 'Musique et Arts Plastiques' seminar, 'Observatoire Musical Français', Université Paris IV Sorbonne (Paris - June 22 2013).

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