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Chronology (2)

[this is my photography] [this is my portrait] At the age of eleven, Frederic Rossille has his first great musical revelation with the listening to Mozart's 'Little night music'. Later, a telefilm devoted to Vangelis ('L'arbre de vie' 1978) and a documentary about the japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto ('Tokyo Melody' 1984) will confirm his vocation in opening for him a field of new possibilities. In the mid seventies, his musical interests ranged from pop music to contemporary musical research and he wrotes his first electroacoustic pieces for the radio. Afterwards, he taked part in researches concerning music cognition, he improved his piano playing and followed the training course of composer Antoine Duhamel. This last one will be a determining influence on him. In the early eighties, Frederic Rossille discovers new musical landscapes. Asian musics will become his adoptive cultural roots and will originate fruitful encounters. Follower of new technologies, Frederic Rossille will progressively integrate them into his interests in 'world music' beside the exploration of the virtual orchestra concept. At the same time, he will improve himself in INA-GRM and IRCAM (Paris).
His unceasing quest of magic, dream, strangeness. will lead him to conceive a music that stands beyond borders between various musical kinds. His 1993's album 'On the Magic Hill' is the result of a genuine eurasian transculturality that precisely tends to push back these frontiers. His musical conceptions and realisations have naturally bring Frederic Rossille to take part in many radio broadcasts, especially in Asian countries...

Publication of the essay 'Musicalité de l'oeuvre plastique de Victor Vasarely' in the review 'Alliage' directed by Jean-Marc Lévy-Leblond (number 73, May 2014).
La musique à l'oeuvre chez Mati Klarwein. Lecture at 'Musique et Arts Plastiques' seminar, 'Observatoire Musical Français', Université Paris IV Sorbonne (Paris - June 21 2014).

'Impressions fugitives pour piano', concert recital at La Chartreuse - Art Contemporain Sèvres, in the Ceramic & Music Festival organised by Françoise Russo-Marie & Jean-Pierre Marie (Sèvres, April 11 2015).
Paroles tissées entre musique et infini - L'infini du ciel, lecture at 'Musique et Arts Plastiques' seminar, Observatoire Musical Français, Université Paris IV Sorbonne (Paris - June 20 2015).

Paroles tissées entre musique et infini - L'infini de la matière, lecture at 'Musique et Arts Plastiques' seminar, Observatoire Musical Français, Université Paris IV Sorbonne (Paris - March 12 2016).

Publication of the essay 'Discours à l'interface de l'art digital d'Yvaral et de la musique minimaliste' in the online review 'Plastir' (number 46, July 2017).
'Voyages dans le temps, voyages dans l'espace', a piano recital was given on October 13 2017 in Conservatoire Emmanuel Chabrier of Clermont-Ferrand, in the scope of the international colloquium 'Marguerite Yourcenar et le monde des lettres'. The day after, a master-class was given in direction of students of the academy.

The piano recital 'Voyages dans le temps, voyages dans l'espace' was given on June 10 2018, in the second part of the event 'La plasticité dans les sciences et dans les arts' organised at 'La Chartreuse de Sèvres' by 'Art Contemporain Sèvres' and 'Plasticités Sciences Arts'.
Released of the album 'Over the Rainbow' (Rêves Magiques - RMCD # 0016 - June 10 2018).
Participation to the second edition of the 'Journées de la Création' organised by Sacem Université and Les Nuits de Fourvière, on June 28-29 at Fourvière Hôtel and Musée des Confluences of Lyon.
Member of Union des Compositeurs de Musiques de Films (UCMF) since July 2018.

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