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Sur la Colline Magique

[this is the jacket of the record 'Sur la colline magique']
[ original jacket ]
Composed, arranged, performed and produced by Frederic Rossille (except 'Chanson des quatre saisons')
Digitally recorded : Sept-Nov 1993, at Oceanic Sound Studio, Paris
Total timing = 60:22
Front cover illustration : Frederic Rossille from a drawing by Xiaolei Ru
Reference : Reves Magiques CD 001

Audio files
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Tracklist & audio files
01. Lumieres 2:47 little orchestra and piano
02. Autoportrait 3:37 orchestra, percussions and electroacoustic sounds
03. La Pyramide Oubliee 4:33 string orchestra, electronic piano and percussions
04. Promenade 3:54 solo piano
05. Souvenirs 2:07 electroacoustic music
06. Le Sourire de Minako 3:22 piano, harp and string quartet
07. Legende de Shanghai 5:24 symphonic orchestra
08. Champ d'Etoiles 3:12 electroacoustic music
09. Meditation 5:40 orchestra and percussions
10. Theme d'Hadrien 4:07 solo piano
11. Reve Logique 3:42 jazz band and electroacoustic sounds
12. Petit Orchestre 4:02 little orchestra and piano
13. Chanson des Quatre Saisons 3:27 two soprani, orchestra and traditional instruments
14. Cavalier du Desert 3:22 jazz band and electroacoustic sounds
15. Shanghai Passionata 6:06 piano and string quintet

  • "Cette musique s'écoute comme un vent d'été venu calmer les ardeurs d'un soleil trop ardent."
    Christian Verreault - June 97

  • "I always thought Sakamoto's music was influenced by French composers. Frederic Rossille is a French composer who returns the favor."
    James Grisby - August 97
    To discover this album

    • Lumieres : music for the weekly broadcast 'Epectase, les sciences au pastel' on Aligre FM Paris, since April 1994
    • Promenade : dedicated to Haruomi Hosono
    • Meditation : this piece has opened the series of contemporary music concerts at the Brasilia University, on August 22 1994
    • Chanson des quatre saisons : melody by He Luting, lyrics by Tian Han, performed by Xiaolei Ru and Weihua Wu; orchestrated, directed and produced by Frederic Rossille

Three Pieces for Trio

[this is the jacket of the record 'Three Pieces for Trio'] Composed and arranged by Frederic Rossille
Produced by Cecile Marie
Recorded at Studio Val d'Orge (piano Yamaha C7)
Mixed at Studio Acousti, Paris
Mastered by Digital Edge, Paris
Frederic Rossille (piano), Regis Huby (violin), Jean-Charles Capon (cello)
Total timing = 11:00
Album outside the trade
Reference : Reves Magiques CD 002

Tracklist & audio files
01. Tibetan Rhapsody 3:00 piano, violin, cello
02. Poesia 3:45 piano, violin, cello
03. Message de l'Archipel 4:15 piano, violin, cello

Villa Adriana
[January 2000]

[this is the jacket of the record 'Villa Adriana'] Instrumental suite for piano, violin, cellos, flutes, harp, celesta & electronic

Recorded at Oceanic Sound Studio, Paris - November 1999
Digital editing : Frederic Rossille and Jean-Paul Vittori at L'Update Studio, Paris - January 2000
Composed, arranged, performed and produced by Frederic Rossille
Total timing : 18 min 36 sec
For Valeria
Reference : Reves Magiques CD 003

Audio files
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Tracklist & audio files
01. Ouverture   1:02
02. Villa Adriana   2:14
03. Aspettativa   1:06
04. Roma   0:49
05. Catacombae   1:53
06. Passeggiata   1:19
07. Fiumicino Airport   1:08
08. Castel Sant'Angelo   1:40
09. Tivoli   2:09
10. Per Valeria   3:55
11. Coda   4:40
The musics of this album are essentially instrumental variations on a theme that was initially composed in 1988 for a theatrical adaptation of the novel by Marguerite Yourcenar "Memoires d'Hadrien". Following a stay in Roma in spring 1999, the composer decided to use again this theme as main material of a new piece. The title "Villa Adriana" refers to the great house which was constructed by emperor Hadrien in Tivoli and from which we can visit today the charming remains.
Christophe Lavigne
To discover this album
Frederic Rossille is publishing very interesting recordings of his compositions. He works with instrumental music, but constructed with electronic sounds in computer. He has a traditional harmony language, but with a special taste because his discours sounds as a new-minimalism.
Jorge Antunes

Parue en l'an 2000 sous le titre de "Villa Adriana", la musique instrumentale contenue sur ce mini-CD et inspiree de la nouvelle de Marguerite YOURCENAR intitulee "Memoires d'Hadrien" peut s'apparenter a un melange reussi de musique classique contemporaine, de piano solo a la SATIE, de musiques electroniques ainsi que de jazz-rock leger.
Musea Records

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