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A prayer for Japan after the 2011 Tohoku tsunami

Frederic Rossille was born the day of the first International Conference against atomic and hydrogen bombs (Hiroshima, 1955). He has done his first concert in Japan on September 11 2004 in Maison franco-japonaise of Tokyo. He is a personal friend of Mr Ryuichi Sakamoto and Pr Tsutomu Iwasaki (1) has described his musics as deeply inspired by the japanese spirit.

Today I am happy to present 'KOKORO', the new album that Frederic Rossille has wrote and recorded to pay tribute to victims of earthquake and tsunami which has stoke the Tohoku area on March 11 2011. In Japan, 'Kokoro' means what does straight to the heart without needless artifice. The piece 'Impression Soleil Levant' is especially dedicated to heros of Fukushima Daichii nuclear disaster. This piece has been produced for the first time during a piano recital that Frederic Rossille has performed in June 2012 at 'Musée en Herbe' (Paris).

Mr. Frederic Rossille has conceived this discographic plan with the aim of giving the sales profits to charity organizations than help victims of the 2011 tsunami. So, this recording is at the disposal of all organization or association which wants to use it in such a way. The plan has been supported from its origin by His Excellency Mr. Isao Kiso, ambassador and permanent delegate of Japan to UNESCO.

Cecile Duchamp c/o Reves Magiques - March 11 2013

(1) Pr Tsutomu Iwasaki has received Marguerite Yourcenar in Institut Franco-Japonais of Tokyo in 1982.