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[this is the present record's jacket]
     [ new edition ]
Sur la Colline Magique
On the Magic Hill

[this is the present record's jacket] Three Pieces for Trio
  • RM CD # 002
  • Outside the trade

[this is the present record's jacket] Villa Adriana
  Instrumental suite

[this is the present record's jacket] Geometrical Games
  Enigmatic pieces for piano

[this is the present record's jacket] D'un Monde Lointain...
  A tribute to Witold Lutoslawski
  • RM CD # 005
  • A single CD with the long version of the piece
  • Packaged with the book "Emotion et musique"
  • A gift from Rencontres Art & Science to
    the participants of the IRC 2001
  • Limited edition for the IRC 2001

[this is the present record's jacket] A day in Tokyo

[this is the present record's jacket] Secret Garden

[this is the present record's jacket] Ocean Song


[score's jacket] Message de l'Archipel   
'Digne d'une musique de film, voici un message qui invite au voyage, plein de romantisme et de couleurs exotiques'   Vincent Massot
  • Trio for piano violin cello, Sept 98
  • with three adaptations for duos (pno violin, pno viola, pno cello)
  • Duration : 4mn 20s
  • Published by La Vie des Notes publishing
  • Dedicated to japanese musician Ryuichi Sakamoto
  • mp3 extract (piano solo version from the album 'Geometrical Games')
  • Excerpt of the score for trio
  • Available at librairie Maestro, Paris
  • See also >>

Reverie Asiatique / Asiatic Daydream
Music for piano and percussions dedicated to Jean-Jacques Werner. Commissionned for the Panorama-Oeuvres contemporaines collection, edited by Daniel-Lesur and Jean-Jacques Werner. The percussion section consists of a Tibetan bell, a suspended cymbal, four toms, a bass drum and a snare drum. Duration : 2mn 40s. The original score for piano and percussions was published by Gerard Billaudot publishing (book 'Batterie 2' - 1997) and at present by La Vie des Notes publishing.

The Architect
A piece for piano solo commissionned for the fortieth anniversary of the international architecture review Le Carre Bleu. Timing : 3mn 27s. Mp3 extract. The facsimile of the score is published in the issue 1/99 of the review.

Other scores


Quelles musiques pour demain ?
This paper was published in the number 67 Autumn 1993 of the review 'PHREATIQUE' (language and creation), entitled 'Le chant des champs'. This review in French is available in some libraries (American Universities among others) or at its head office : Revue Phreatique - 40, rue de Bretagne - 75003 Paris - France - tel : 01 42 72 93 12 - e-mail : [phreatiq@multimania.com]
Upon the initiative of Jerome Schmidt (with our acknowledgements) and with the nice permission of the review Phreatique, this article is published in two parts in the numbers 12 and 13 of the webzine Art Zero.

La musique de nos emotions
An essay about connections between music and emotions [in French language]


[this is the cover of the book] Emotion et musique

Edited by Françoise Russo-Marie
and Frederic Rossille

EDK publishing - May 2001


[premiere de couverture de la revue] Musicalité de l'oeuvre plastique de Victor Vasarely

Edition Le Carré Bleu, feuille internationale d'architecture, # II 2007
Cover illustration : Kivar, by Victor Vasarely (1977)

Text in pdf format : français - english - italiano - arabe

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